Setup time-based reminder templates for outstanding renewal invites


The renewal reminder system within CFS allows you to define a series of automated reminders to send to clients before their policy expires by email, SMS and letter.

As per other scheme related settings it is advised that you setup & test on your BETA system first, this guide will walk through the steps to configure and test the reminders on BETA.


Before configuring the reminder definitions, you need to setup any templates you wish to send. These are defined on a scheme level in the following places:

  • Documents – Document Options > Documents
  • Emails – Email Options > Templates
  • SMS – SMS Options > Templates

Once configured ensure you save any new templates to BETA before attempting to add them to a reminder.

Email and Document templates will also need to be triggered in the matrix using the Reminders output tab in a rating factor. This enables you to have insurer-specific templates.


To configure reminders, open the Renewal Settings window (Durell Options > Renewal settings) and switch to the “Advanced” tab, you will see “Reminders” at the bottom of this tab. Reminders are a limitless list whereby each reminder comprises a number of days prior to policy expiry to send the reminder, and the templates you wish to trigger. You can add as many templates of various types as you wish, and they will all be triggered at the same time.

Each generated template is automatically saved to the Durell client Document Viewer, emails are automatically sent to the Email noted within the CFS policy, and SMS messages are sent to the Phone number mapped within the CFS policy. Documents are automatically converted to PDF where relevant, and you can download directly from the automation UI (see Use, below).

The system will automatically only send a single reminder per day per policy, so if you wish to send multiple templates on the same day (i.e. with the same Days value) you will need to include them all in the same reminder.


The renewal reminder automation is triggered from the Admin Dashboard, therefore the profile must have the Admin Dashboard module enabled, and the Send Reminders permission enabled within the System Token (Dashboards > Select token > Edit > Permissible Actions > Renewals)