Using the admin dashboard to send automated renewal reminders


Once the setup has been completed, you will see a new “Send Renewal Reminders” icon on the toolbar on the admin dashboard.

These options control which reminders will be sent:

  • Exclude renewals with downloaded quotes – If you are using the insurer-level option to “Use downloaded quote as policy at purchase” it’s likely the CFS representation of the renewal will not be accurate (as the policy may have been purchased “offline” within Durell), therefore you may not wish to send reminders for these renewals. This option will skip any renewal quotes that have been downloaded to Durell with this option ticked.
  • Automatically download generated documents – if you have document based reminders templates that you are using to generate letters, you may wish to download these automatically from the Renewal Automation UI to print & mail to the client, ticking this option will automatically download documents as they are generated - though you can also click the links in the response to download these too, or you may wish to print from the Durell Document Viewer.
  • Include insurer approved referrals – if you are using the refer to underwriter functionality within CFS and have referred a renewal to the underwriter, subject to them approving your request you can include them in the reminder routine.
  • Payment Providers – you may have automatic renewals (or offline renewals) setup for specific payment providers (like Direct Debit or Blank) and hence will want to skip these from the reminder feed, simply un-tick any payment providers you don’t want to include in the batch.

The options you select are automatically remembered in your session, so the next time you open the tool on the same computer you won't need to change any settings.

Once you've selected the required options press GO and the system will pull together a list of all renewal invites whereby the expiration date is within the range defined by the earliest reminder and will display a preview of all renewal reminders to be sent, along with the template names & types. Any renewals set to Lapsed within CFS will automatically be excluded. At this stage the preview has not generated a quotation for each renewal and therefore the templates you see may not be sent, i.e. if the triggers matched in the quotation generation do not include the reminder template(s) for emails and documents.

The operation automatically starts in a Paused state, allowing you to preview the list of all reminders to be sent before any are generated, so you can go back and tweak any settings before sending the reminders. Once you're happy with the preview click START to start sending.

Reminders are only sent once and only the reminder closest to expiry will be sent when multiple are found. For example, if you had reminders defined for 7, 14 & 30 days, and then added a 60-day reminder, this will not be triggered for those whereby a lower reminder had already been sent. Likewise, if you define reminders close to each other (say 6&7 days) and the policy is due to expire in 5 days, only the 6 day reminder will be sent – this prevents misleading communication to the client for example if the 7 day reminder says “your policy will expire in 7 days” and similar with the 6 day reminder “in 6 days”, the customer would be confused if they receive both on the same day.

When the process is running you will not be able to close the dialog and you should not close or reload your browser tab. If you need to stop the operation, please click PAUSE and wait for the current reminder to complete.

Each row will display a feedback icon based on the status of the reminder:

  • The reminder failed, for example if you define a single template which fails, or if a system errors prevents the request, for example:

    HHHH1048 - SMS failed 'Credentials in SMS options have not been set'.

    This means the SMS invite failed and is the only template for that reminder.

  • The reminder failed, as no templates were found to send, this can happen if you define a single document template which is not included in the included rating factor Reminders list, for example:

    HHHH1049 - No applicable templates to send.
  • The reminder was partially successful, this can happen if you define multiple templates and one of them fails. The status text will provide more information, for example:

    HHHH1047 - SMS failed 'Credentials in SMS options have not been set'. Docs: Renewal reminder letter

    This means the SMS invite failed, but the document generated successfully.

  • The reminder was successful, for example:

    HHHH1049 - Docs: Renewal reminder letter

    This means all parts of the reminder were generated and sent successfully. For documents you can click the blue text to view/download the generated PDF, and if you ticked the Automatic download option, it will start downloading in the background. Document names will follow the syntax ddmmyyyy expiring policy ref – document name to make it easy to identify multiple policies.

When a reminder is successful (either fully or partially) an Enrichment and Note is added to the policy card in the admin dashboard and the reminder will not be re-triggered if you re-run the batch.