All the tools you need

White label online quote & buy, configurable web portal for clients, brokers, insurers, claims handlers …, MI dashboards, secure messaging, document library.

Complete flexibility of question set, create a bespoke journey for your product with equal flexibility in rating and document templates.

Self serve on rate, document and email changes or take advantage of our managed services.

CFS builds on Durell’s 30 years of expertise to provide powerful and flexible tools developed in collaboration with our clients … clients like you.

Flexibility to scale

CFS supports B2C and B2B sales, language packs with variants for client, broker and underwriter means you can sell to both channels from the same question set.

Open your product to direct sales online, restrict it to registered users, or lock it to your agents only. An Insurer or MGA’s brokers or a broker’s sub-brokers or other introducers can be given access restricted to their own business. Extranet out of the box!

Our robust and powerful API allows quoting on aggregators or integration of your product into other sites and services. Insurer Hosted Pricing out of the box!

Hosted on Amazon Web Services we can scale up capacity at the click of a button.

Feature Packed

Get all of our existing functionality out of the box with a simple transactional pricing structure and no hidden extras

MI Dashboards

  • Scheme admin dashboard with quote conversion funnel, real-time event feed, configurable filter, drag-and-drop bordereau report designer and export
  • Renewals dashboard with graphical representation of renewals workflow, renewal processing funnel, YoY performance, renewal list and data export
  • Policies dashboard aggregating all your business, commission pipeline, policy list and data export
  • New configurable MI ‘quilt’ tool available on MI dashboards, choose your KPI - premium, total income, commission, …, select up to 4 levels to drill down through the graph – product type, insurer, agent, … select your colour scheme which now includes a heatmap indicating YoY performance for renewals
Admin Dashboard

MI Dashboards

Front-End Reporting

  • Create report layouts using the drag-and-drop builder
  • Special field sets like Premium, References, Dates are available to the builder, but also all fields from the question set and any sub-totals in the rating matrix can be pulled through giving complete flexibility for bordereau or MI reporting
  • As well as a csv export the output is available as an API call, i.e. it is possible for third party systems such as the insurer to pull the information directly
  • Build and run your own bordereau and other reporting without delay or cost
Front-End Reporting

White-label Question Sets

  • Use your own logo, colours and font
  • Responsive pages to work across all devices
  • Language packs support multi-lingual products, language variants for B2B and B2C
  • Multi currency with locale specific tax
  • Fully customizable document templates, easily editable in Word but distributed as pdfs
  • HTML email message templates
  • Comprehensive pre-built field types View the Toolkit
  • Polaris market standards supported


  • Integration with Sanctions Search for ID and Sanctions check at point of sale
  • Full recalculation at MTA – pro rata change in annual premium at current rates
  • Named MTAs with restricted question set for common changes such as change of name
  • Cancellation premium calculated as rules based pro rata refund of individual invoice amounts
  • Bulk renewal invite, reminder and take-up with current period claims pulled from the back-office
  • Collect annual payment by card, offer a monthly option with your own credit facility or our integration to finance providers
  • Fully configurable EDI messaging with Email, SFTP or AWS SQS drop locations
securitybox Question Set Gresham Question Set Topsail Question Set Household Question Set Quote2Insure Question Set

Rate, underwrite & refer

  • Single or multi-insurer panel
  • Flexible rating factors trigger rates, endorsements, documents, emails
  • Integration with Lexis Nexis and other data enrichment services for perils, pre-fill and credit check
  • Rating groups and sub-totals give full premium breakdown
  • Calculation notes logged for future reference
  • Timestamped matrices for multiple sets of rates based on effective date
  • Price guarantee
  • Override controls from broker fee and commission sacrifice through to manual underwriting
  • Refer to underwriter workflow
Calculation Notes

Some of the insurers quoting on CFS schemes:


What's included

Secure by standard

Focus on your product development and marketing and let us worry about the security of your system, our out-the-box setup for all new systems is hardended to ensure maximum security levels.

  • ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited for secure company practices and procedures
  • Compliance to OWASP security standards with periodic review
  • 2FA as standard across all accounts
  • Automatic blocking of suspect activity
  • Comprehensive audit trail of activity
  • Forced password strength standards


CFS is built by Durell, an established provider of software to the General Insurance industry with over 30 years’ experience

Durell's guiding principle is to collaborate closely with our customers to produce software that is the best fit for the industry. CFS was born out of the needs of our customers to adapt to an online environment and our aim is simple – to provide a solution which is comprehensive and flexible without a high price tag.
We strongly believe the key to Durell’s ongoing success lies in what has always set us apart – genuine client care is rare these days and it is ingrained in Durell. From your scheme’s design to ongoing support and advice, we’re proud to know that the service we provide is second to none.

Visit the Durell Website


Quality Assured

Every change we make to the system is tested, tracked and signed off in a test environment before it reaches your live system. We also offer bulk testing tools to test any size of rating guide, from simple structures to the largest multi-factor component-driven rules.

What's more, we also offer a third party service from Expleo who provide Quality Assurance services to give you confidence in your business and technology changes. They make sure change works as its meant to by assuring its quality and testing it rigorously.



A simple all-inclusive pricing structure based on transaction volume makes it easy to predict your monthly costs.

Web Portal

The core components of CFS for clients, agents, insurers, claims handlers, …

The core components of CFS for clients, agents, insurers, claims handlers, … including MI dashboards, client dashboard, a document library, secure messaging & personal details.

  • MI Dashboards
  • Client Dashboard
  • Document Library
  • Secure Messaging
  • Personal Details


Access to our trained support team and project managers with extensive industry knowledge.
Out of hours support for critical issues.
Online guides and knowledge base

Custom Scheme

Access to all existing CFS components and integrations while the product itself remains your Intellectual Property.

Access to all existing CFS components and integrations while the product itself remains your Intellectual Property, including a customizable quote & buy journey, full cycle EDI engine and payment provider integrations.

  • Bespoke question set
  • Fully configurable underwriting and rating
  • Custom documents from easy edit Word templates
  • Custom HTML email templates
  • Pre-built payment provider integrations


All quotes from all channels, direct clients, agents, aggregators, leads, ...


We get paid when you get paid. Applies to converted new business, mid-term adjustments, renewals and cancellations.


Powerful API

Built by developers for developers, open your scheme to a much wider market. Already being used by market leading aggregators our API is stress tested for reliability. Used in our own MI dashboards it is thoroughly road tested and offers out of the box integration with third parties.

Explore the full API reference
// Create a new instance of the web reference var cfs = new CFSSchemesAPI(); // Send risk data to cfs to start a quote purchase flow var quote = cfs.ProduceQuote("ApiKey", "Pass", new Field[] { new Field() { Key = "Forename", Value = "John" }, new Field() { Key = "Surname", Value = "Smith" }, }); // Redirect the user to the cfs landing page Response.Redirect(quote.Response.Links.ViewResults);

Aggregators using the API to show our brokers' products:


The key players who make it happen

Durell is a hard-working, close-knit and dedicated team of technical specialists who pride themselves on customer service.

Putri White

Project Management

With a wealth of experience in online application development on both the business and IT side, Putri and her team are the bridge between our clients and developers.

Daniel Sands


Daniel leads the development team and his drive and commitment has transformed CFS into the market leading product it is today.

Sam Davis


Sam heads our software support team whose prompt, assured and pragmatic advice is highly valued by our clients.

Arron Coles


Leading our sales team with the belief that the key to our success is excellent customer service and an unwavering enthusiasm makes Arron the person to talk to.


We're always on the lookout for likeminded talented people to join our team, though we don't hire frequently we are looking to expand our development teams in our Bournemouth and Taunton offices.

Paid Internship

We offer summer internships for 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months for under represented groups, we value diversity so want to give underrepresented candidates an opportunity to gain experience and impress.

If you're interested in a career at Durell or being part of our Paid Internship program please send your cv and a covering letter to Key attributes are determination and a good work ethic, put some thought into telling us why you want to work with us!