Respond to underwriter referral requests

Insurer Acceptance

Once the appropriate profiles have been setup, the process to respond to adviser referral requests should be quite intuitive. When setup you will automatically be notified when an adviser makes a request by way of an email notification, this email will include a link to open the associated quote within the admin dashboard.

You may also wish to setup a filter on the admin dashboard to give you a list of outstanding referrals. Refer to the Introduction to filters guide for an overview on how to use Filters, a typical filter may look like this:

  • Stages: Refer
  • Must have enrichment(s): ReferOverrideRequested
  • Must NOT have enrichment(s): ReferOverrideRejected, ReferOverrideAccepted, ReferOverrideDeclined, ReferOverrideCancelled

    Note: The ReferOverrideRejected enrichment is automatically removed if the adviser responds to your REJECT request, so this filter will also show any referral’s whereby you have requested extra information which the adviser has provided.

Once you have expanded an event with an outstanding referral request, you will see a screen like this:

The quote card will display the reason for the referral (here seen as “Refer test”) as well as the note provided by the adviser, you can then use the overflow menu to jump directly to the results page using the View button.

You can then apply any premium loading / endorsements you need to the premium (see guides Using premium override controls and Using endorsement with optional overrides) then respond to the adviser in 3 ways:

  • APPROVE – If you approve the request and want to allow the adviser to purchase the quotation. This response is immediately actionable by the adviser so please ensure you add any necessary endorsements or premium overrides BEFORE responding.
  • REJECT – If you need more information to reach a decision you can send the quote back to the adviser
  • DECLINE – Prevent the adviser from purchasing the policy and making further requests